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Event programme

Redesigning Grosvenor Square

May 2020

Hello! We are rethinking the role of Grosvenor Square to transform it into a thriving place for people and planet. We want to do this with our neighbours and with other London communities, bringing together the best knowledge to create a new type of urban square that encourages discovery and fosters wellbeing.

In February we appointed architects Tonkin Liu to lead the design team for Grosvenor Square, and introduced them to you at our "Meet the designers" events in March. make:good will be working alongside Grosvenor and Tonkin Liu to offer the best opportunities for people to be involved in and influence the developing designs for Grosvenor Square

Between now and Spring 2021 we want to start collaboratively exploring ideas, both big and small, for the square.

Timeline of planned events and engagement

5 key themes

In May and June 2020, due to the evolving circumstances of Covid-19, we have launched an online programme of events and activities.

These will be based around 5 key themes that people have told us they are interested in, and the areas where people can have most influence over the upcoming design process.

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How would you like to be involved?

As we collect your ideas around these themes we will put together a list of Grosvenor Square Community Priorities. We will use this list, as the design progresses, to test whether it responds to your feedback and meets your requirements.

View the full programme of events here.

We look forward to hearing from you at one of our upcoming events soon.