Things to do

Alongside our Big topic talks you can find our discovery packs, full of fun activities available to download for our younger audience and your inner child.

Download the latest discovery pack below and help us to collect and identify ideas for Grosvenor Square. Share your creations by uploading it to #discovergrosvsq or emailing us at

Spectacular horticulture

Through this pack you will learn about the roles of all these biodiversity heroes, big and small, how they keep our green spaces looking spectacular, and what you can do to help them out.


Urban Ecology

Have a go at the three experiments and explore what we can do to look after our local green spaces.


Healthy Places

In this discovery pack you can explore what makes your favourite green spaces healthy, and how you would design your dream healthy place.


Accessing the outdoors

With this discovery pack you will design a journey through our green space map, and then try out your route in your local park, square or garden!


Green in our cities

What do you love about your local green space? Use our viewfinder to see things differently and create a colourful collage of your dream square!