Grosvenor Square

We have submitted proposals to Westminster City Council for the transformation of Grosvenor Square into an extraordinary urban garden.

Designed and governed collaboratively with its neighbours and other London communities, it will show how green spaces in cities can work harder for nature and the wellbeing of those who rely on them.

The submitted designs would transform Grosvenor Square into a world-class public green space. Our ambition is to create a garden that meets the needs of a modern city, to be enjoyed for years to come.

Meet the team

London Wildlife Trust events

We are partnering with LWT to bring a series of events to Grosvenor Square

The designs have been informed by an extensive multi-year public consultation, gathering over 3,300 responses. Thank you to everyone that took part and gave feedback during this process, which has helped shape the final proposals. Find out more about the engagement programme here