Our approach

We are committed to re-designing Grosvenor Square in close partnership with both our neighbours, and London communities to bring together the best knowledge to create a new type of urban square that fosters a sense of discovery and wellbeing for both people and planet.


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We have already heard from many people. First through an initial survey completed by 1,000 Londoners and then as part of an international Call for Ideas, where many designers, horticulturalists and architects shared creative suggestions for the future of the square.

Informed by these conversations and ideas, we tested an initial set of principles with the community and ran a formal design competition in 2019, which many of the world’s leading landscape and design teams took part in.

In February 2020, Tonkin Liu were appointed as the lead designer for Grosvenor Square. They were selected as the winners of a formal design competition which included many of the worlds leading landscape and design teams. Their focus on connecting people back to nature, collective storytelling and community involvement were key factors in their success.

We are listening to how people would like to be involved, and over the next year will offer a range of opportunities for people to be involved in ways and at times that suit them so that they can understand and influence the new designs for Grosvenor Square.

Throughout the project we will regularly be sharing the feedback we gather throughout the project we will regularly be sharing the feedback we gather on through the news and events page, mailing list and events so that we are transparent about what we are hearing and how the feedback is having an impact.

Engagement timeline


"What would you like from Grosvenor Square?" survey completed by 1,000 Londoners.


International call for ideas.


Initial principles tested with community.

March 2020

Meet the design team events to introduce Tonkin Liu

May - June 2020

Big topic talks and local conversations to explore initial ideas and gather insight. For more information click here.

July 2020

Initial design ideas Share Grosvenor Square community priorities & gather feedback on initial design ideas

We are here

September 2020

Developing design ideas Gather feedback on developing designs

Oct - Nov 2020

Refine design ideas Local conversations, drop-ins, walks and pilot activities.

Winter 2020

Final proposals Feedback on detailed designs.

Spring 2021

Target planning submission