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June Update

June 2020

Thank you to everybody who has taken part  in our free public online programme for Redesigning Grosvenor Square. We encourage you to participate in our upcoming events.

So far, 748 people have been involved over the past 6 weeks and we have gathered over 2049 pieces of feedback. This feedback will be consolidated to create the Grosvenor Square Community Priorities, a list that will be used throughout this process to assess if the emerging designs meet local requirements.

 If you haven’t already, sign up to our next events to share your feedback.

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Upcoming events for Urban Ecology

Local Conversations: 27th and 30th June

Our Local Conversations will be an opportunity for a more detailed conversation about what priorities need to be considered to make Grosvenor Square both useful and sustainable. Sign up here to attend.

What we've heard so far

Having completed the online events for 4 of the 5 project themes in this initial phase of the programme you can now read about these, watch the events back and find out what priorities and feedback we have collected so far. Read more about these here.

 We have structured our feedback collection around 5 project themes that are based on what local people told us they were most interested in, as well as the areas of the design process where people can have the most influence:

  • Green in our cities
  • Accessing the outdoors
  • Spectacular horticulture and biodiversity
  • Healthy places
  • Urban ecology

When we were last in touch we had completed the online events covering 'Green in our cities' and 'Accessing the outdoors' and you can read more about these here.

 So far in June we have completed 6 online events covering the next two themes; Spectacular horticulture and biodiversity and Healthy places, you can read more about these and the feedback we received below.

Spectacular Horticulture and Biodiversity

In late May, joined by an exceptional panel of speakers, we talked about ambitions for planting and wildlife in Grosvenor Square and what is needed to make it spectacular but also sustainable. You can see the full recording of the Big topic talk here.

 Draft priorities:

  • Explore more natural planting, using native species and wilding while still referencing some of the history of the square.
  • Planting that supports wildlife and biodiversity starting with more common species, giving seasonal change and variety.
  • Introduce planting that delights all the senses, that provides colour, surprise across the seasons, interest and “wow” moments.
  • Planting that people of all mobilities can get close to, experience, see and feel surrounded by. 
  • Use of interesting information sharing to educate and share understanding and responsibility.

Healthy Places

Over the past week our events have focused on the fourth theme where we have heard from local people as well as excellent speakers about what activities, experiences and facilities might be needed in Grosvenor Square to support our health and wellbeing. If you missed it, you can see the full Big topic talk here.

 Draft priorities:

  • Overarching experience of the square should be calm, peaceful a place for relaxation and respite. Any activities should be small scale and enhance wellbeing.
  • Include playful features for children without it being a formal playground.  Play areas as a more natural, inventive play space rather than traditional equipment.
  • Programme small scale activities that people can be involved in learning about and caring for planting, wildlife and overall wellbeing in the square. A form of shelter should be considered to host these activities
  • Seating, bins and water fountains are important. The scale and permanence of any café, facilities and shelters should be carefully examined.
  • Keep both a central open space for sitting and exercise but also provide smaller spaces for friends and families to gather and for individuals to relax.

July Exhibition: Initial Design Ideas

Initial design ideas, 14 July - 7 August To bring together what we have learnt from you in recent months and share the initial design ideas, we would like to invite you to an open-air exhibition in Grosvenor Square to present the:

  • Draft Grosvenor Square Community Priorities - Tell us which are most important to you, and share any you think we are missing
  • Initial design ideas in response to these priorities from the design team - Tell us what you think about them and how well they reflect the draft priorities

The safety of residents and the community is a priority for us at this time and therefore this display material will be available to view unstaffed in Grosvenor Square, and online at

 For those of you who would like to hear from the team about the ideas presented you can:

  • Meet the design team, under social distancing measures, and talk about their ideas on the 14th July between 5-7.30pm, 18th July between 11am- 2pm, and 4 August between 11am-2pm in Grosvenor Square

  • Participate in an Online Design Discussion with the Design Team on 16th July, 5-6.30pm

  • Listen to an audio description of what is being presented in the square via the Grosvenor Square website. Instructions for how to access the audio tour will also be visible alongside the exhibition content and online 

All the material will also be available to view and comment on via the Grosvenor Square website, this will all go live on the 14th July and we will send out invitations to get involved in this phase of the programme and have your say nearer the time.

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